Cleveland and NE Ohio Tub to Shower Conversions Using your Existing Bathtub

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Tub Conversion to Shower

Tub Cut Conversions vs. Tub Replacement-Remodels

  • Affordable: 80-85% LESS than most tub to shower replacements-remodels
  • Fast: 3-5 hr. professional installation
  • Step-ins Lowered to 5"-7"
  • Optional Door/Panel - for bathing
  • 15 yrs. of Satisfied Seniors
  • Local Accredited Service Provider

Converting NE Ohio Cleveland area bathtubs into a walk-in shower doesn’t require a costly tub replacement or bathroom remodel. Our tub to shower conversions are priced at a fraction of the cost of a Bathfitter remodel—making them a preferred alternative for seniors aging in place! By being a full-service family business, we can assure you that the person with whom you speak with during the sale, will also be part of your installation team and will always be available for any post-sale inquires and support.

Our 1-day tub cutting process avoids the aggravation and mess of a bathroom remodel. Using your existing  tub, we cut out and remove a section from the front wall. Into the opening, we custom fit and seal an acrylic step-thru insert that gives your tub a factory-installed look.

With the step-in to your tub reduced, you’ll have safer accessibility to your showering needs, giving you, your love-ones and caregivers greater peace of mind—all thanks to our non-evasive tub make-over system. And should there be a bather in the household, we offer options for quickly transforming the bathtub back to bathing in seconds.

Besides being fast and affordable, our tub to walk in shower modifications are applicable to most bathtubs, including cast iron (porcelain), steel and fiberglass. Moreover all services are performed by highly rated industry professionals.

Our service area extends westward from Parma Heights to Lorain-Elyria, south to the Akron-Canton & Medina areas and east from Mentor to the communities of Youngstown and into Erie PA. Call Jim now for a free over-the-phone estimate.

Tub to Shower Costs and FAQs

How Much Does a Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion Cost?

Local costs for converting a fiberglass bathtub to a walk-in shower start around $800. Steel tubs run slightly more, while cast iron tubs are priced the highest.  Of course, there are several variables in our cost algorithm, e.g. where is the tub located? nearby or in Erie, PA? Are there shower doors, a toilet or vanity that needs to be removed in order to make the cut, etc.? Models with door panels for bathing run about 50% more.

Since we can generally sense your situation from a picture, we may ask you to text us photos of your bathtub.  This will help us give you a more accurate estimate. See Photo Estimating Pics.

What Is a Walk/Step-Thru Insert?

The step-thru is an elongated u-shape piece of tough, durable ¼” thick acrylic material. It is custom-fitted and placed over an opening that we cut out from the side of your existing tub. We use QuickTub® Walk-thru Inserts in the majority of our installations. These inserts provide an approximate opening of 24“ with a step-in of from 5″ - 7”. Moreover, the QuickTub® Walk-thru Insert can be converted back to bathing anytime with the purchase of the QuickTub Cap®.

How High Will My Step-In Be?

Our standard inserts reduce the step in by 8 ½” inches. To determine how high your step in will be, measure 8 ½ inches down on the outside wall of your tub. With a Sharpie or a strip of masking tape, mark this point. This will be the height of your tub step-in.

On most fiberglass tubs, a custom insert can be made to even go lower. For these situations, it is best to contact us and discuss your tub.

Does It Leak?

No, since we do not cut down to the floor of your tub. Our process leaves a small (2”-3”) lip on tub’s inside wall.  With the shower curtain extending below this lip, both the shower spray and run-off water are contained within the confines of your tub.

How Long Does a Tub to Shower Conversion Take?

Depending on your tub’s composition (fiberglass, steel or cast iron) and other factors (e.g. removal of shower doors, caulk, fixtures, etc.), our bathtub conversions usually take less than a half day. You can shower within in 24 hours or bathe (door models) in 48 hrs.

Can You Convert Cast Iron Bathtubs?

Except for garden, Jacuzzi and old-fashioned claw-foot tubs, most bathtubs (within a 3-wall alcove/ niche) can be converted into walk-in showers. We also convert cast iron tubs with liners (i.e. Re-Bath®, Bath Fitter®, lined etc.).

How Can I Determine Whether My Bathtub Is Cast Iron?

Bathtubs installed prior to the 1960’s are more likely to be cast iron. Cast iron and some steel tubs generally have porcelain coatings. I can usually determine whether your tub is steel or cast from a picture. See our Photo Gallery tab.

Can We Have Glass Shower Doors Installed After Our Installation?

We don’t install glass shower doors on our converted units, nor do we advise seniors to have them. But if you decide that you want them, there are area glass specialists who are willing to oblige. FYI, I’ve had clients install doors only to have them removed years later because they interfered with the caregiver’s bathing the senior

Does the Step-In Insert Have to Be Centered on the Tub?

No. When practical, we advise the client to place their opening towards the faucet end of the tub. Having it here, allows room for a bath chair (or bench) in the rear of the tub should they eventually need one. In the end, either the homeowner or the bathroom layout determines where the placement will be made.

Do Tub to Shower Conversions Qualify for Medicare?

Unfortunately, tub to shower conversions fall into the category of remodeling, so Medicare will not reimburse. If you itemize taxes however, check with you tax preparer.

From here, the avenues of assistance are limited. First seniors should check with their local depart-ment on aging and the United Way. Also, veterans (and their spouses) who served* during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. conflicts should contact the VA for possible funding. (*served, not necessarily in combat).

Where’s the Tub Door?

While most seniors choose to replace their tubs with a walk-in shower, we realize that there are some one-bath households that still have a need for bathing. For these clients, we have models that will quickly reverse the tub back to bathing. For example, our QuickTub® insert line has an optional panel that can be purchased to provide bathing. Learn more at Tub to Shower Conversions with Bathing Options.

Will a Walk-In Shower Conversion Affect My Home Resale Value?

For us, this is always a disturbing question, since the same could be asked if you were to do a complete remodel. When it comes time to sell the home, we suggest that the realtor put into the sales agreement “Owner willing to restore bathtub to bathing” (and maybe even post a note to that affect in the bathroom). See next FAQ.

Is the Conversion Process Reversible?

With a QuickTub® Walk-thru insert, you can purchase a cap/panel that covers the opening and restore the tub back to bathing in seconds. Otherwise, it may be possible to remover the insert and install a tub liner (e.g. Bath-Fitter®, ReBath®, etc.) over the cut-out area.

Mobile and Manufactured Home Considerations

We have converted hundreds of tubs in mobile and manufactured homes. In both types of structures, we usually find conventional types of tub with much lower aprons (outer walls). Because of this, mobile home shower conversions generally end up with tub step-ins of from 4” to 6”.

What Is Your Experience?

We have been doing bathtub to shower conversions since 2005. We are an insured family business with high marks across various business rating venues. I joined my father in 2010 and he now assists me. We treat every job and client as though we are doing it for a family member. See About Us page.

Are Your Services Available Near Me?

Our tub to shower conversion service area extends within a 60-mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio. However, we have satisfied clients in the Sandusky, Warren, Wooster, Youngstown, Erie and western PA communities. If you live outside these areas, please complete our Contact Us page and we can put you in touch with an installer in your area.

Are Your Tub to Shower Kits Available for DIY Installations?

QuickTub® Walk-thru Inserts as well as QuickTub® Caps are available for sale within the contiguous 48 US.. For more information see DIY Tub to Shower Conversion Kits.

What’s the Warranty on Walk-In Showers?

Our step inserts are warranted for 5 yrs., labor (caulk) 2 yrs.; call for details. (FIY in 13 yrs. of installing, no one has yet to file a claim).

Have ??? Not Covered Here?

Please feel free to call us or complete our Contact Page should you have additional questions or require further clarification of the subjects covered here.

Ohio Walk-In Showers Tub to Shower Conversions Service Area in Ohio and PA

Our service area extends throughout Akron-Canton-Medina, Cleveland, Parma, Shaker-Cleveland Heights, Lorain-Elyria, Youngstown, Erie PA and nearby communities.

Stair lift and grab/safety bar installations, sales and service offered in nearby NE Ohio communities within a 40 mile radius of Mentor, Ohio. For details, call Jim at: 440-667-8827.

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