Tub to Shower Conversion with Bathing Options

Reversing Your Walk-In Shower to Walk-In Bathing

For those concerned about losing their ability for an occasional bath, we offer two optional systems for reversing your tub back to bathing: the CleanCut Convertible™ and the Quick Tub® Cap. While comparably priced, there are some subtle differences as shown in the Feature Table to the right.

Unlike the CleanCut Convertible however, the Quick Tub insert can be installed and the bathing panel cap ordered later. This avoids an up-front expense and one that may never be needed. However, when bathing is required, most clients are drawn to the wider opening of the Quick Tub system, not to mention their warranty coverage

CleanCut Convertible vs QuickTub Cap, bathtubs with doors comparison table

CleanCut Convertible™

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CleanCut Walk-in Shower
CleanCut Convertible™ Panel Removed for Step-In Showering
CleanCut Walk-in Tub
Panel Installed for Filling
CleanCut Convertible for Bathing
Tub Ready for Bathing

Quick Tub® Insert & Cap

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Quick Tub Insert
Quick Tub® Insert for Walk-In Showering
Quick Tub Cap
Quick Tub® Cap Installation Transforms Tub Back to Bathing
Tub Restored and Filled for Bathing

These optional light-weight removable panels retain bathing for one-bathroom households. Please specify when inquiring.