Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion Process

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Below are some videos and pics to help you visualize our tub cutting process.

Our Process

tub cut - tub to shower conversion

1. Tub section cut out and removed

Figure 1 - The tub cut

Our tub to walk-in shower conversion begins with cutting and removing a section from the side of the homeowner's existing bathtub.

tub cut - tub to shower conversion process

2. Copying the tub's profile

Figure 2 - Copying the tub's profile for customization

With the tub section removed, we then trace home-owner’s tub apron’s profile onto a sheet of cardboard. This traced outline will be cut out to serve as a template for transferring the tub’s profile onto a blank step-in insert.

custom tub to shower conversion

3. Customizing the insert to the opening

Figure 3 - Customizing the insert cut to the tub

The template then is traced onto a blank insert, thus customizing the step to the profile of the homeowner’s existing tub. (Photo shown after insert has been cut).

Tub to Shower Conversion Process

4. Step insert is fitted into opening

Figure 4 - Step insert is fitted into opening

The cut step insert is fitted onto the homeowner’s tub. (Note that the insert slips over the opening, rather than into the opening. This feature encapsulates any chipped edges incurred during the cut to keep them from rusting.)

An infrastructure can be seen inside the cut out. This structure provides support should the homeowner step on it.

tub cut - sealing a step insert

5. Step insert is sealed over the opening

Figure 5 - Step insert is sealed over the opening
The insert is finally sealed and fitted to the opening. It will be ready for showering the next day!
NOTE: All tub cuts leave a 2”-3” lip on the inside lip of the tub. When covered with a shower curtain, this lip keeps both the shower spray and runoff inside the tub. All conversion processes preclude the use of shower doors.

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