Grab Bar Installation Costs and Other FAQs

Mom (Dad) fell in the shower; what should we do?

Hoping that the incident was minor, we suggest that you first go through our Grab Bar FAQ’s below to determine what may be applicable. If so, please contact us for a free over-the phone consultation.

What's the cost of a grab bar installation?

Since there are many variables in answering this question, we’ve put together a cost schedule to help you estimate our prices. When you compare our costs with our competitors, you’ll find that we’re not charging you "an arm and a leg."

• Initial trip & first hour of consultation & labor$1091
• Hourly rate beyond the first hour (billed in 1/2 hour increments)$60
1FYI two bars installed into ceramic tile with no complications takes ~ 1 hr. 
Grab/Assist BarsPer Bar
• 18" grab bar with concealed screw cap (brush nickel finish)$30
• 24" grab bar with concealed screw cap (brush nickel finish)$35
• 9"  assist bar (white)$25
AddersPer Bar
• Drywall or wood (standard)$0
• Ceramic & steel tile, marble or cinder block and wet cuts$10
• One piece fiberglass surrounds (for special mounts)$45
• Client-supplied bars (non-standard design)$10
• One-way mileage beyond 20 miles of Mentor, OH$1.00/mi.

Where in the home are safety bars usually installed?

The obvious home area for a grab bar is the bathroom. Here they can assist tub/shower entry and egress, as well as for sitting and standing activities. The next area (when available) is a wall surface adjacent to a toilet. Third is the inside doorjamb areas leading in and out of the home. Lastly, grab bars can sometimes serve as handrails where one or two steps are involved.

We realize however, that every homeowner has their own needs, so we work with them to determine areas of their home where a safety may help them. The location, height and size of each safety bar is tailored to their specific need and ability.

Can grab bars be installed onto fiberglass bathtub or shower enclosures?

Our Moen Secure Mount grab bars use an ADA patented mount. These mounts are compatible with most fiberglass tub and shower surrounds found in today’s newer-style homes.

When mounted onto 1/8” fiberglass walls, each mount provides 250 lbs. of support.

Can grab bars be mounted to any surface?

Besides drywall, grab bars can usually be mounted into most home surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tile, marble, one-piece tub-shower surrounds and cinder block.

We cannot however, mount onto glass doors or glass blocks.

Do your grab bars meet ADA regulations?

Our 1-¼” diameter Moen grab bars have a 500 lb. ADA rating. When it comes to placement however, we work with the client to see where they are needed. We do this by observing how they enter, exit or navigate various areas of their home. While we may not be occupational therapists, we do have over 15 years of “field experience.”

Do you recommend suction type grab bars?

No. Suction style safety grips are not a permanent solution. Oftentimes the surface to which they are applied onto is never smooth enough to hold their suction, so they become unsafe and need to be reapplied. They also have been know to pull off tile. However, they may be a temporary solution when traveling or visiting a friend or family member’s residence.

What's your experience?

My father has been installing grab bars in senior living facilities and private homes since 2005. While we’re not occupational therapists, we work with the client to determine both their abilities and limitations in performing home navigation or hygiene tasks. If we have a product that may help (or know of solution we don’t provide), we’ll often discuss it and advise you where to find it.

Can I supply my own grab bars?

While we carry and install Moen 1 ¼” dia., brush nickel, Concealed Screw & Secure Mount compatible line of gab bars (lengths 18” and 24”), we’ll install most other brands of client supplied ADA grab bars. The one exception is in one-piece tub or shower surrounds. For client supplied bars, there is a slight upcharge.

Where can we buy safety bars? 

Big box and drug stores generally carry basic and high-volume lines of grab bars. On the other hand, I generally avoid on-line and some stores due to their limited or no return policies for bath items. Brick and mortar home-health stores are disappearing, but many will work with you on selections and returns. 

 For a no-hassle estimate, please call Jim at 440-667-8827.