Photos Used for Estimating Cost of Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion

Occasionally we will ask that you send us photos of your tub for an estimate. Here are some things we'd like to see.

Tub Full Frontal View

steel bathtub

Full-frontal view -  provides a view of the bath-room layout. The raised embossing on the front tub panel indicates that this tub is steel. 

Tub Rail Birds-Eye View

Tub cut out clearance

Tub rail birds-eye view - the 12" floor tile indicates that there is sufficient room for cutting. While the $5 bill is helpful in determining the rail thickness, a credit card would have been even better.


Tub Rail Birds-Eye View

Measuring for tub cutting distances

Tub rail birds-eye view – the 4+ inches between the toilet and tub is not enough room for cutting either a steel or cast-iron tub; however, it may be enough for a fiberglass cut.  For situations such as this, including a yardstick in your photo would be most helpful.