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Our Stair Lift Installation Services

Ameriglide stair lift
Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift

Don’t let our name fool you! As an authorized Cleveland, Mentor and NE Ohio Ameriglide dealer, we offer contractor pricing on new chair/stair lifts for both DIY and our professional installations. Our Ameriglide stair lifts have earned some of the industry’s highest quality ratings.

Sales and installation of other pre-owned factory reconditioned stair lifts such as Acorn, Harmar, Stannah, Sterling and many other electric or battery operated models is also available (brand availability varies).

So whether you’re just starting the stair lift investigation process for yourself, an elderly/disabled parent or loved one and searching for a quality unit, please call us for free, no-pressure advice at 440-667-8827.

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Top Three Buyer Complaints About Stair Lifts

One of the more revealing questions to ask someone who has used an item for a while is “What don’t you like about your _______?” Negative responses indicate buyer’s remorse, so when this question was asked to purchasers of stair-lifts, their three biggest complaints included: *

Remorse about having bought bad stair lift
  • The Space their lift takes up on the stairs. While the unit may have looked fine on the open stairways of the showroom, it’s now obvious (and too late) that the width of the buyer's own stairs is much smaller. Although most units fold up into a space of 13”-15” against the wall, in older homes this may yield only 19”-21” of entryway for able-body household members (our Ameriglide Rave model folds to 11”).
  • Speed: a showroom ride up five or six steps will never replicate your home situation. Since the maximum speed allowed by law is 22 ft/ minute, a trip up or down on a 16’ track will take around 35-40 seconds to complete. And choosing the wrong weight capacity stair lift may yield even slower rates, not to mention damage the unit.
  • Seat comfort: while not elaborated in the survey, (and let’s face it, we’re not talking about the comfort riding from Mentor to Cleveland), most likely the inference is to the space between the chair arms and the person’s overall girth/size when sitting. It’s believed that most of these “disgruntled” people bought their lifts with very little investigation, most likely basing their decision on either a friend’s unit or a salesperson’s recommendation.

* Source:

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Informed Buyer - Satisfied Owner!

Should you contact us to learn about our Ameriglide chair/stair lifts, we’ll conduct a brief survey prior to discussing our stair lifts. Through this process, we assess your needs, life-style and home in order to match models which offer features that best meet your requirements. After all, we feel that you should only pay for features that you really need.

Happy stair lift customer

To help you with your model selection, we’ll bring our lift chair prototype to your home for a “seat fitting.” Next we’ll show you the space that various model(s) would occupy on your stairway. Finally, we’ll cover the factors that can dictate the unit’s speed. In taking the time to cover these features, we believe that as an informed buyer, you’ll not only be a more comfortable decision-maker, but a satisfied customer as well.

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What is the Cost / Price of a Stair Lift?

stair lift cost - price

Without a full assessment of your needs (as discussed previously), the price for a stair lift can only be “guess-estimated.” Nonetheless, straight-rail systems with basic to standard amenities from national storefronts cost from $3,500 to $5,000. For curved rail systems, expect these costs to be about three times higher.

On the other hand, Ameriglide units with similar features can run as much as 25% less installed. Ameriglide is so confident that their prices are competitive that they list them online. And when you order your new Ameriglide unit through our contractor pricing you can get additional savings, not to mention some free advice (some savings are also available for local DIY self installers - call 440-667-8827 for details).

As for Medicare coverage, a stair lift is considered a home improvement and therefore is not covered. However, if your doctor approves you for a stair lift, check with your accountant to see if you can claim a tax credit.

Why Do Ameriglide Stair Lifts Cost Less?

First of all, the stair lift industry is very competitive and many brands are very similar, if not identical. Most lifts now mount on the steps (vs. the wall) and all have to comply with safety features mandated by federal and state laws. To compete, some national stair lift companies try to achieve brand name recognition through extensive TV and print advertising. Others may tout special features of their units (many that have already been either legislated across the entire industry or incorporated by their competitors). In addition to these tactics, many of these stair lift companies have showrooms and distribution centers with payroll, leases and insurance costs that have to be paid. These strategies ultimately result in higher prices for their units.

Wholesale/factory direct stair lift prices

To beat the storefront competition, Ameriglide adopted a factory direct business model; i.e. selling directly to certified contractors and handy do it yourself homeowners. By doing so, Ameriglide avoids overhead costs of franchise fees, inventory, logistics and extensive advertising. In turn, their sales volume allows them to pass savings onto contractors and customers. And with shipping originating in North Carolina, there are no sales tax charges.

Aside from the housing and the name on the unit, all stair lifts are almost (basically) the same. Source:  

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Ameriglide Stair Lift Warranty

5 yr. part and 10 yr. power train on new indoor units; our expert installation and service helps preserve your unit’s warranty.

Current Models and Prices *

Wholesale/factory direct stair lift prices

Enter “Ameriglide” in the comment box on our Contact page and we’ll email you our buyers specification chart. This chart lists critical measurements to help you to make your decision. And for current Ameriglide stair lift models and prices, click the Ameriglide logo at the left, but remember that we can only extend contractor saving discounts on orders placed through us.

DIY Stair Lift Installation Savings *

DIY Stair Lift Installations

If you’re considering an Ameriglide DIY stair lift installation, ordering via our dealer-contractor price schedule can save you even more. Not only will you get a better price*, you’ll receive free and valuable DIY advice. And don’t forget the electrical! In many older homes, providing a safe and convenient electrical source to power your unit is sometimes more time consuming (and challenging) than self-installation. We have the resources and can help. Last, before deciding on a unit, be sure to request our free Client Assessment Guide by calling 440-667-8827 or completing our Contact page; self-installers (DIY’s) welcomed!

* We can only extend contractor savings discounts to orders placed through us.

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Considerations When Buying Used Third Party Stair Lifts

Maybe you know someone selling a used chair/stair lift (or you found one on Craig’s List). Here are a few questions to ponder before making your purchase:

  • Can you see the chair stair lift in operation?  If not, how will you be assured that it works, or that all parts are present? Are there instructions and are parts identified for putting it together?
  • Is the rail length right for your stairs? If too short, is extra rail for that model still available?  If too long, can you cut it?
  • Our factory refurbished stair lifts come with a limited warranties; what assurances are you getting?
  • Does the lift fit your use?
    • Stair lift controls, seat direction and swivel, etc. are installed to operate either on the right or left side of the stairway… does the seller’s stair lift match your stair’s orientation?
    • Does the lift run on battery or electric… which is best for you?
    • Does the lift have the capacity to carry your weight? Is the seat size appropriate?
    • Is the lift rated for the incline (pitch) of your stairs?

Not knowing the answers to these questions, you may not only end up with buyer’s remorse, but with a pile of unusable parts.

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