The Legacy II

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Legacy II Stairlift with Caramel Upholstery
Legacy II Stairlift with Caramel Upholstery


An American made battery powered straight-run stairlift. While the Legacy II may lack some of the Rave2’s deluxe features, its main attraction is its lifetime warranty. Powered a steel rack & pinion drive, the Legacy has manual seatbelts, a slightly smaller seat and extends 1-½” further out from the wall than the Rave when folded-up. The Legacy however does offer 4 different choices in seat color options.


  • 350 LB. Transport Capacity
  • Mounts Onto the Steps
  • Folds to Within 12 ½” of the Wall
  • Rack & Pinion Drive
  • 18” Wide Seat
  • Battery Powered – runs in power outages
  • Continuous Charge Strip
  • Two Remote Call-Send Transmitters
  • Four Seat Color Choices *
  • Seat Swivels & Locks at the Top for Safe Egress
  • Manual Seat Belts
  • Travel Obstruction Sensors & OSG
  • Warranty: Lifetime all parts - 2 yr. on batteries
* Seat Color Options
Legacy II Seat Color Options