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Walk-in Tub Conversions

Walk-in Tub
Walk-in Tub

For those seeking to preserve the tub’s bathing function, we can retrofit most existing bathtubs with our door model insert. Our walk-in tubs are most practical in multi-generational living situations; i.e. where there is a single bathtub and a mix of family ages. Upon closing and locking the door, younger (or more agile) family members can fill the tub. And unlike high end walk-in tubs which require the bather to be inside as the tub fills, they can step into (and out) at their convenience. The senior on the other hand needs only to swing the door open, step in and close the door in order to shower. We offer one-day installations and serve the same NE Ohio communities as listed on our Home Page.

Walk-in Tub Comparisons

  Premium Walk in Tubs Our Walk-in Tub Insert
Cost: $12,000-$15,000 80-90% less
Entry & Egress: Bather must be in tub during fill & emptying cycles Same, unless the bather is able to step over the existing tub rail.
Step in Height: from 4-6" from 5-7"
Water Capacity ~55 - 60 GL ~ 20 GL