Horizon Plus Stairlift BBB Accredited Business - A+ Rating

Horizon Plus Stairlift BBB Accredited Business - A+ Rating

Our Horizon Plus is one of the industry’s most affordable & reliable straight-run stairlifts on the market. Mounted on the stairs, our Horizon Plus provides a load capacity of 300+ lb. and battery-back for power outages. It minimizes stair space, while tastefully blending into your home’s decor.

The Horizon Plus conforms to all US Federal safety regulations and is backed by Ameriglide in Raleigh, NC with a 5 yr. drive & 2 yr. components warranty.

Dimensions - 3 inch step height, 42.1 inch overall height, 18.9 inch seatback width, and 23.6 inch overall widthStandard Features

  • 308 lb. transport capacity
  • Battery back-up during electrical outages
  • Safe rack & pinion drive [no belts] with OSG*
  • Mounts on the steps, not on the wall
  • Simple up-down joystick operation
  • Digital diagnostic display (on armrest)
  • Generous 19” – 21” inside armrest seating
  • Arms & seat fold to within 13.5” of the wall
  • Lever to raise-lower footrest (no bending)
  • Two wireless call-send transmitters
  • Key to lock out unauthorized use *
  • Top of stairs seat swivel & safety lock *
  • Retractable seat belts *
  • Obstruction sensors on footrest & carriage *
  • Track length 14.75 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 yr drive / 2 yr parts

          * Safety features

Optional – above features plus:

  • Choice of seat colors & styles
  • Power seat swivel
  • Folding (hinged) bottom rail

Horizon Plus

Retractable seat belts & accessible footrest folding lever

Horizon Plus

Seat swivels & locks at top of stairs
Digital readouts for faster diagnostics
Key lock for when the kids are visiting
Foldw to within 13.5 inches of the wall

Seat Colors & Styles

Standard Seat Cushion1
(beige) Standard Seat Cushion in Beige Color

1 Standard seat cushion (shown above) is also available in other color choices as shown with the Ergo Plus seat cushions shown to the right..

Ergo Plus Seat Cushions
(available in these colors & beige)
Ergo Plus Seat Cushions in blue, red, and gray colors

2 These “home-plate” designed Ergo Plus seat cushions provide more comfort for people with short legs. They also reduce the lift’s footprint on the stairs by almost an inch and are available in 4 colors.