Cost of Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversion

Cost of Tub to Walk-in Shower Convertions

Perhaps the most frequently asked question by callers is "Can you give me a ‘ballpark estimate’ for the cost of a tub to shower conversion?"  While national prices begin around $1,000, locally our starting price falls well below that number.  The tub’s composition is the primary cost driver; i.e., is it cast iron, steel or fiberglass?  Steel and fiberglass tubs start at the lower end of our pricing spectrum. Cast iron cutouts, because they require extra labor and special tooling, fall at the higher end. Other variables can be found in our cost-estimating matrix (below).  Having seen so many bathtubs over the years, we’ve found that emailing us a picture of your bathtub is perhaps one of the quickest ways to give you an accurate estimate.  Call us or go to our Contact page and we’ll estimate just where in the "ballpark" your price "sits."

Surrounding area of toilet being measured
For cast iron cuts, we require 6” between the tub and adjacent fixtures.
Cost Estimating Matrix* Fiberglass Steel Cast Iron
Base Price     .
Service Zone      
Glass Door Removal      
Front Wall Aprons      
     Thicker than 7"   X  
     Bowed Out   X rarely
Obstacles to Cutting      
Liner X    
Other: e.g. W-to-W carpeting      
Method of Payment      

* Call Jim at: 440-667-8827 to help you fill in the blanks!

“Getting an estimate was easy and convenient. Unlike some contractors who come out and pressure you to buy, I called Jim for an estimate. He asked a few questions and then gave me an estimate. After sending pictures of my tub, he emailed me back confirming my cost.”

- Helen W. Akron, OH

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